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Hey, it's me!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Hello friend! It’s nice to meet you!!

My name is Amber.

First and foremost, I love Jesus. He is my reason to live and my full-on suporter. I'm still working out my purpose, but I know God's got my back because He has my heart.

I’m a writer. I’m called to connect with others and bring hope, healing, and friendship.

I like to think I’m creative, but when the inspiration strikes is completely random. Writing brings me clarity and comfort. I feel more myself when I can let the words flow as they come, and even moreso when I can go back and edit what I truly meant to say. I'm not very clever, but I write from the heart and hope that it makes a difference in someone's life.

I’m a wife to Brian, whom God gave to me. One day I’ll write out our love story. It’s almost as amazing as my husband is and weaved intricately in only a way God can.

I am a mommy to one boy named Nathan. We are a special needs family. My son has Autism and many hours are spent managing appointments and behaviors. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. My son is such a delight to be around.

I myself have several issues I deal with on a day-to-day basis. A few of those things are down below… I made a few YouTube videos that talk about premenstrual dysphoric disorder, being a survivor of suicide, lipo-lymphedema, and other things. I’ve taken a break from my YouTube channel for a while, but I may make more videos as a companion to the blog.

We reside in southeast Virginia. It’s nice having four seasons here, but I’m not a fan of our dripping hot and humid summers, or our cold and windy winters. In the summer, going outside can feel like stepping into a sauna, and the wind is like a blow dryer in my face. But I live for outdoor pools and sunshine! Nathan and I usually join the YMCA for the summer to have a place to cool off and have family time. The winters here are crazy unpredictable, where we sometimes get either a dusting of snow or two feet of the powdery white stuff maybe twice a year. Because our area rarely gets snow, we aren’t prepared for it and roads get shut down for days at a time. These make for great times of pajamas all day, movies, popcorn, and hot cocoa while we watch the white flakes fall outside our windows. We aren’t the family that goes out and gets frostbitten just to throw a few snowballs. Ha!

Anyway, my hobbies include movies of the chick-flick genre, reading mostly historical romance (think Jane Austen) or “self-help” or inspirational books, swimming, using and decorating my planner, organizing and simplifying my life, occasional crafts, girl time with my besties, and spending time doing fun stuff with my man and son. Oh, and coffee. Does coffee count as a hobby? (The history on my Starbucks Rewards Card would say yes.)

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